About us

We are Alessio and Alessandro, bike enthusiasts since we were kids, both experts in the road cycling sector and in MTB.


Alessio, born in 1985, is at a III Federal level in FCI, is a biomechanics specialist for Shimano and a bike mechanic employee, and has been an athlete, trainer and road cycling event organizer. Amongst the events he organized, “Star circuit- Matteo Radicchi Memorial” stands out.
Today, his main commitment is to run his family’s agritourism, but he also engages as a fitness coach for Medispoer Center in S. Sisto, Perugia.
He took his first steps into professional athleticism at 12 years old. He then quit athleticism at 25 years old for committing himself to training. Being a big enthusiast, he made a profession out of cyclism. He believes that living life through bycicle is one of the most exciting and satisfying sensations ever.


Alessandro, born in 1996, is a Mountain Bike lover since he was 12.
After 6 years of bike races, bycicles became his profession as a specialized shop employee.
A Physical Education student, he is a 360-degree sports enthusiast. He speaks Italian, Spanish, and English, which makes him an ideal guide for those tourists who want to embark on this adventure.


UmbriaBiketour is a Sports and, why not, a Culinary project. There is nothing better than discovering a territory on a bike and stopping for a delicious snack or enjoying lunch with some of the delicacies that our beautiful Umbria offers.
Our motto is “Enjoy your ride”. Whether you are an expert, a beginner, or you simply want to enjoy the wonderful woods and landscapes while tasting our specialties,
UmbriaBiketour will go with you through our gorgeous Umbria on a personalized itinerary for you to enjoy this activity in a safe way.

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and… get ready for your ride!